We provide a rotation of fun activities to spark your child’s interest. Through this unique mode of learning and fun, children have a holistic experience in the immersive world of learning. 

STEAM Summer Camp Tuition


Full Day/week: $395 + Materials fee $30 (8:30am-3pm)

Half Day/week: $310 + Materials fee $30 (8:30am-12pm or 12pm-3pm)

Daily Drop in 8:30am-3pm: $110

(**Fee for 4 days week (week of July 4th) is different.)

Extended Care

Morning Extended Care 8:00-8:30am $20/week. (Please contact us if you need to drop off before 8am)

Afternoon Extended Care 3:00-6:00pm $110/week 


**Sibling Discount: 15% tuition off for the 2nd child and the 3rd child. 

**Multi Session Discount: enroll 4+ (9am-3pm) weeks, 1 week of aftercare free; enroll 7+  (9am-3pm) weeks, 2 weeks of aftercare free; enroll 9 weeks  (9am-3pm), 4 weeks of aftercare free.

**If the discount is not applied automatically due to system error, please contact us and we will refund you.

Terrarium- Grow Your Own Mini-World! June 10-14 

Build your own magical mini-world this summer! In our Terrarium Camp, young adventurers will transform humble jars into vibrant jungles and fantastical landscapes. Learn about plants, create ecosystems, get your hands dirty and your mind soaring! Moss, rocks, and miniature wonders – the playground for your creativity. 

Circuit Blitz June 17-21 

Start your adventure by mastering the secrets of electricity and circuits, from crafting basic lemon batteries to building dazzling light shows. Then, unleash your creativity! Design and build your own project, such as a robotic bug powered by bristles, or something completely out-of-this-world! 

Comic book/storytelling June 24-28 

This summer, let your voice soar, your characters leap off the page, and your friendship bloom as you weave unforgettable stories and memories together. Learn the secrets of comic book or storytelling and unleash your imagination through interactive workshops and challenges. Ink your imagination onto the page, and bring your unique voice to life.

 Your Melodies Meet Movie Magic!July 1-5 

Dust off your astronaut boots, grab your mermaid fins, and polish your Oscar! At Green Screen Summer Camp, imagination is your spaceship, the stage is your canvas, and your inner rockstar is ready to explode! Dive into professional workshops, master dazzling costumes, and craft collaborative musical journeys through enchanted jungles, alien galaxies, and even Hollywood premieres. By the end of camp, you'll hold a unique video masterpiece – a glittering testament to your talents and a memory that will make you the star of your own story forever.

Discover Physics in Action! July 8-12 

Unleash your inner scientist this summer! Blast bubbles sky-high, race marbles through maze-like runs, play with shadows like a magician, and explore the pull of magnets and the whoosh of air. Join us for Bubble Blitz, Marble Mayhem, Light & Shadow Play, Magnet Mania, and Air Power Party – a wild ride of hands-on science fun your kid won't want to miss!

Cooking with Math & Science July 15-19 

Master math by measuring ingredients for melt-in-your-mouth cookies and fluffy cupcakes, explore fractions as you divide pizzas and slice veggies for healthy snacks. Discover the science behind baking, from yeast raising fluffy bread to the chemistry of browning perfect pancakes. Travel the world through food, crafting delicate Asian dumplings, sizzling Italian spaghetti and more! So grab your aprons, fire up your curiosity, and join us for a summer of delicious adventures! 

 Fashion Design & Science July 22-26 

Stitch together science and style at Fashion Design & Science Camp! Learn about fiber technology, textile dyeing, and the science behind color and texture. Walk the runway showcasing your wearable wonders, customized jewelries, infused with both artistic flair and scientific savvy. This camp is a vibrant laboratory where fashion meets the future, inspiring you to become a style pioneer with a scientific edge. 

 ChemFun Labs July 29- Aug 2 

ChemFun Labs is brewing up a bubbling concoction of hands-on chemistry experiments and fantastical fun just for elementary school explorers!  Conjure snow from water in seconds, transform ordinary liquids with a shake, witness erupting volcanoes, mesmerize rainbow swirls and more, all through explosive, hands-on chemistry experiments. At ChemFun Labs, science sparks curiosity, builds confidence, and fuels creativity, ensuring your child returns home with glowing memories and a love for the hidden wonder in everyday things. 

Dinosaurs Adventure in Amazon Rainforest August 5-9 

Experience mysterious visions of the prehistoric world with dinosaurs. Join Yu Ying on an exciting search for dinosaur eggs in the Amazonian rainforest. 

*August 12,13 Full Day Camp (8:00-6:00)