We provide a rotation of fun activities to spark your child’s interest. Through this unique mode of learning and fun, children have a holistic experience in the immersive world of learning. 

2023 STEAM Summer Camp 

Schedule and themes

Available in the following sessions: Jun 12-16, Jun 19-23,  Jul 26-30, Jul 3-7*,

 Jul 10-14, Jul17-21, Jul 24-28, Jul 31-Aug 4, And Aug 7-10*. (*no class July 4th, August 11th)

Week 1 & 2

Jun 12 - 23

Code Games

Jun 12 - Jun 16

Learn how to create old-school and new-school 2D Video Games in this fun and educational week! After being shown how to create a few simple games, each camper then creates an original. Using code and loops to create games requires one to think outside the box to accomplish the game’s intent, giving us a glimpse into how complicated commercial games are developed. More established campers are challenged to create advanced and complex games with guidance.

Circuits & Electrical Engineering

Jun 19 - Jun 23

Explore the basics of electricity and how it powers the devices we use every day. Learn about the specific elements of circuits, such as voltage, resistors, and batteries, and will have the opportunity to create your own circuit using a variety of tools and equipment. See your creations come to life with the help of electricity! This hands-on learning experience is the perfect way to develop a deeper understanding of how circuits work and the principles of electricity.

Week 3 & 4

Jun 26 - Jul 7

(July 4th HOLIDAY)

The World Through the Eyes of an Artist 

Jun 26 - Jun 30

Prepare for hands-on fun! Our campers will use their imagination and hands to create their own masterpiece! Our arts instructor will lead campers to create a variety of fascinating arts & crafts using different materials, artistic styles and techniques. Spark their creativity and imagination with hands-on activities including crafts, sculpture skills, paper mache, jewelry making, painting, drawing, and much more. Discuss the importance of creativity and how it can help us to express ourselves and see the world in new and exciting ways.

Rock Hounds Gems & Jewels Treasure Hunt

Jul 3 - Jul 7 

Explore the exciting topics of plate tectonics, volcanoes, and how new islands are created. You'll discover how the earth's tectonic plates move and interact, and learn about the different types of volcanoes and the eruptions they produce. Get hands-on experience with these concepts through fun activities and experiments, such as creating your own mini volcano or identifying different types of rocks and gems.

Week 5 & 6

Jul 10 - Jul 21

Junior builder 

Jul 10 - Jul 14

Explore the world of building and construction by building models of bridges, planes, boats, and more using a variety of materials, such as cardboard, Legos, and up-cycled materials. You'll learn about the properties of different building materials and how to use them to create sturdy and stable structures. Test the strength and stability of your creations and learn how to improve them based on the results. This hands-on week will inspire, educate, and challenge you to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to engineering problems. 


Jul 17 - Jul 21

For younger kids, smart coding robots help kids learn coding while being 100% screen free! Program the robot to move in 6 directions, play music and even put on a light show! For older kids, Mindstorm Robotics kits will be used to build a robot from scratch, code the robot and control the robot. Counselors will provide fun and clever challenges the campers will overcome with their robot friends!

Week 7 - 8

Jul 24 - Aug 4

Biodiversity and biomes

Jul 24 - Jul 28

Curious about the natural world and the incredible ways that animals adapt to their environments? Join us for this exciting session, exploring biodiversity in different biomes and learning about the amazing adaptations that animals use to survive and thrive. From camouflage to mimicry to bio-luminescence, discover how animals have evolved to live in harmony with their surroundings. Plus, you'll have the chance to get hands-on experience with these concepts through fun activities and experiments. 

Cooking with Math

Jul 31 - Aug 4

Turn your child into a master chef! Our little chefs will unleash their creativity and cooking skills, and have fun learning about food with fellow campers. They could be the next Rachael Ray or Bobby Flay! Our Campers will have fun preparing delicious American and Chinese cuisine, while having fun with math using measuring skills, learning ratio and proportion. Activities include creating recipes, games, food tours, team cook-offs, and exciting master chef competitions. Recipes will include easy to understand fractions and systems of measurement that will help students find a fun real life way to use math!

Week 9

Aug 7 - 10

(No class on Aug. 11th)

Band Camp and Filmmaking

Aug 7 - 10 

Campers will have the opportunity to explore their talents and learn about different types of music from around the world. They will learn about basic music theory, including rhythm and melody, and will have the chance to sing and dance to different musical styles. Campers will also learn about different instruments and their unique sounds, and will have the opportunity to try playing some of them. In addition, campers will learn how to write and compose music using a computer, giving them the opportunity to create their own musical compositions. They will also learn about the process of real action filmmaking, including the steps and teamwork required to produce a music video.

STEAM Summer Camp Daily Schedule

*8-9am free choice play: library/computer room/board games/outdoor play*

9:00-9:45am Drop off/ Fun activities

9:45-10:30am  STEAM Stations

10:30-11am  Recess

11:00-11:55pm  STEAM Stations

12:00-1:00pm  Lunch Recess/ Fun activities

1:00-1:45pm  STEAM Stations

1:45-2:15pm  Recess

2:15-2:55pm  STEAM Stations

3:00pm Full Day Dismissal

*3-6pm Free choice play:computer coding/library/board games/outdoor play*

Daily schedule and activities are subject to change due to covid-19 impact without notification in advance.

STEAM Summer Camp Tuition

Full Day/week: $380 + Materials fee $25 (9am-3pm)

Half Day/week: $290 + Materials fee $25 (9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm)

Fee for 4 days week (week of July 4th and week of August 11th), fee is different 

Morning Extended Care 8:00-9:00am $60/week   (please contact us if you need to drop off before 8am)

Afternoon Extended Care 3:00-6:00pm $110/week

Daily Drop in 9am-3pm: $110

Sibling Discount: 15% off for the 2nd child and the 3rd child.